Next level selfies

I bought one of these instant cameras for my sister in law’s birthday this year and I loved playing around with it so much I just had to buy another for myself! The camera comes in white,blue,yellow, pink and black. Retailers like Walmart, Future Shop, Best Buy and Staples have these for $98-99.99 but the source has them on sale for 79.99 until August 13! If you don’t want to order through the Source website or you don’t have a store near you, some of the other retailers will price match as long as they have the item in stock. has the pink for $74.99. Some of the retailers also sell older versions of the camera (the 7 or 7s) for less but I think this is a better deal.

On a side note, sells all colors for around $60-$66 BUT be warned that while it seems like they cost less, these ones actually DONT have the 2 packs of film that the ones here come with. The 2 packs of film could cost you up to $20 so if you add that to the cost of the camera, the exchange rate from USD to CDN and shipping fees for your parcel service (if applicable) you’ll actually be paying more.

Happy snapping! 😃

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